Android, Python, and Web Programming with HTML & PHP

(Part-2) - A Guide to Choosing Electives

In Part-1, I talked about courses which require you to understand concepts and learn them so that you can get started with building actual stuff with them. In this post, however, I am going to be talking about the courses in which you are going to freely experiment with the tools and you are definitely going to make something, say a simple app or a website during the course. These courses are more development focused and you must choose among these if you want to create something. [Read More]

Cloud Computing, IoT, and Wireless Communications

(Part-1) - A Guide to Choosing Electives

It is mandatory for students of computer sciences in their fifth semester to choose an elective course as electives are a great learning opportunity for students to learn something that is actually useful in real-life. Developing apps and websites, learning new technologies are all a part of the learning experience. It is advised that you choose your elective course carefully after being aware of what to expect from the course and what you want to do after it. [Read More]