Building webpages with AI

A look into Sketch2Code, an open source project by Microsoft's AI Lab

What seems to be the problem with building HTML pages? I think it has to do with the amount of work one has to do for building just the structural components. With machine learning, we can easily identify these components like lines, text, and boxes, and create code for it. But web designers can do that more efficiently. The problem is brainstorming designs. When having a lot of ideas in the mind, you can draw them on a paper or whiteboard in a jiffy, but the same is not true for code, which is a hefty amount of effort and not something designers want to do as it delays the design process. [Read More]

Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks - Transfer Learning

Deep Learning with Tensorflow

Introduction Recently, I made a neural network image classifier that can be used by astronomers and scientists to classify whether an image is of a Globular Star Cluster or an Open Star Cluster. Here is the Project Link. You can refer here for knowing what are these two star clusters. It can be very tiresome and time consuming for scientists to carefully classify between the two. And my model aims to decrease the classification time for these two categories of star clusters. [Read More]